About Us

The origins of TCMtests.com began in 1993. Since then, we have assisted over 10,000 students/subscribers prepare for their boards. Nearly 100% of accredited acupuncture schools/colleges in the United States have had students subscribe to www.TCMtests.com. The founders of TCMtests.com are Richard A. Feely, DO, FAAMA and Sebastian Palmigiani.

Team TCMtests.com now has many more hard workers preforming various tasks from data management, and user experience to psychometrics. They do this all for you the subscriber, to receive the best product, for you to Test with Confidence and pass the first time!

Our Vision

Our vision is to be instrumental in preparing the best Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AOM) practitioners, by being the preeminent test preparation tool for the successful completion of AOM licensing examinations, National [NCCAOMTM]. and California [CALE].

Our Mission

To create and curate an excellent learning experience for AOM professionals toward the goal of assessing their readiness for life long professional success.

Our Goals

1. To help our subscribers to assess AOM knowledge, skill, and ability through digital media and algorithmic testing methods.

2. To help our subscribers to facilitate mastery of AOM through interactive question and answer formats.