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  • I would recommend every module on tcmtests, not just for the categorical information but because of the ability to re-test yourself and go over the material a hundred times.

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    It was very helpful particularly for biomed and points. — DB

  • I took the herbal board test yesterday in Atlanta and I PASSED!

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    I am now a licensed acupuncturist in NY and PA. — SW

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  • I have already used TCM Tests to prepare for my Foundations of Oriental Medicine Module which I passed and just signed on for the points module. — JW

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    I was checking with you because when I signed up there was the $20 rebate if you passed the first time. — JA

  • I was reluctant to spend the money on the TCM test subsription.

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    More content for less money...no contest. Thanks again! — JC

  • I passed the Acupuncture module this second time around and am relieved that it is all over.

    I now can practice and move on with my life. — CC

  • I loved TCM tests.

    They make passing the Boards a breeze and I reccomend them to every student I know.

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  • I passed the Cale.

    I appreciate your support very much to provide good materials for preparing the exam.

    When I got the letter from the board which notified me of the passing of the exam, I was so happy because it was a 4th trial for me to take Cale. — JK

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    yay. I'm ready for my congratulations money, how does that work, shall I fax you my letter from the boards? — RP

  • I wish it was cheaper, though an excellent preparation!

    On another note, when comparing to review classes - this is much cheaper and a more effective utilization of time.

    Good job! — AB

  • i am so grateful to your TCM practice test.

    i passed the acupuncture and point location just today. i will receive a confirming certification from NCCAOM within 6 weeks — SK

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  • I passed the Biomed the first time.

    I used TCM Tests as a primary study tool. I used A&P cliff notes, Bates Phy Exam, Robinson's Biomed secondarily. I used these tools everyday for some period of time for 1.5 months before the test.

    TCM Tests were the most helpful and have been recommending to others who will take the Biomed Exam. — MC

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