"I left each exam completely confident"

Susan S. was a third-year student at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago when she subscribed to TCMtests.com. With the help of TCMtests.com she passed the bioscience, foundations, and acupunture sections of the NCCAOM exam.

"I was completely calm before the tests," she recalls. "I left each exam completely confident; I was not nervous."

Recognizing the value of review courses

Before attending acupuncture school, Susan earned a bachelor's degree in accounting and passed the CPA exam—so she is familiar with studying for national certification exams. "Going through undergraduate school, it was just assumed that you were going to take the Becker review course or another class to prepare for the CPA exam," she recalls. "Business students don't even blink an eye about paying several hundred dollars for a review course and going to class for at least four hours a week.

"Those review courses were a lot less convenient and fun than studying with TCMtests.com," says Susan.

A fellow student recommends TCMtests.com

"I was working in our school's clinic with a fellow student who was a couple of semesters ahead of me. We were talking about taking the boards in June, and she said, "If you want, you can go to TCMtests.com and sign up for the Free Daily Question, or you can also get a paid subscription.

"Then I was looking on Amazon.com for a book to study for the board review, and I saw something about TCMtests.com. That's when it really clicked with me; I went to the Web site and signed up that night.

"I was so excited when I found the site," she recalls. "I thought, This is great! I can do this when I want, there's no driving to a class."

"Studying was actually fun"

"I really kind of got obsessed with TCMtests.com," Susan laughs. "I was actually looking forward to studying because it was so fun to get the feedback and see my progress with the bar graph. I think the site is really well-organized. I like the instant feedback you know right away when you"re right. When you take the same exam over again, you can see how you've progressed. The site keeps track of which tests you've taken, how many times you've taken them, how well you've done—it's the accountant in me coming through!

"My boyfriend and I would joke that the Yellow Emperor was the other man in my life," she adds. "The site is so much fun. I think it's neat that they have the Master and the Grand Master level. I got so excited to get my Master certificate! I still have several more questions to go before I can become a Grand Master.

"Im trying to spread the word about TCMtests.com now to people at my school so they know about the site and don't have to figure it out the hard way," she says.