"Thank you for over-preparing me—the board tests were a breeze"

Can you ever be too prepared for a board exam?

Ask Natalie M., who studied with TCMtests.com and passed the foundations, acupuncture and points, and biomedicine sections of the NCCAOM exam.

"I'd been hearing about TCMtests.com and had seen the flyers at school, but never took advantage of it until three months before the boards," says Natalie, a student at East West College of Natural Medicine in Sarasota, Florida.

"TCMtests made me sure I was thoroughly prepared"

"I gave myself two weeks to concentrate on each section. I'm a little bit neurotic," she laughs, "so I didn't want to go on to another module unless I'd completely finished a section. TCMtests.com is good for a conscientious studier like me—it made me sure I was well-prepared."

"Nearly half my class used TCMtests"

"TCMtests.com guided me through the study process," says Natalie. "I knew I needed to get through so many sections; it was a good outline, telling me what to study." She says that close to half her class at East West College used TCMtests.com to study for the boards. "I would make notes, writing down topics I needed to focus on," she recalls.

Natalie likes the fact that she can use TCMtests.com in the comfort of her home. "I don't have to go to school or the library," she says, "and I can set up my space to study."

"Now I'm studying for the herb section"

Natalie is currently preparing for the herb section of the NCCAOM exam. "I renewed my TCMtests.com subscription today," she says. "I've just finished studying for four hours, and I'll probably spend another three hours after dinner.

"The herbal program is the most challenging part," Natalie admits. "I need to know which formulas are most useful. If you practice acupuncture without doing Chinese herbal medicine, you're missing so much of what Chinese medicine has to offer."

"TCMtests.com over-prepared me"

Natalie says the board exams were not nearly as challenging as the case studies on TCMtests.com. "I'd rate TCMtests.com's questions an eight on a 10-point scale of difficulty—vs. a five for the board exams," she says. "The case studies on TCMtests.com were very long. There were many patterns in the answers, and long point-combination choices. On the boards, there were easier case studies with two patterns and four point-combination choices."

"I finished with an hour to spare"

Natalie says that one of the most satisfying aspects of studying with TCMtests.com was being one of the first people finished with the board exam. She expects to do the same when she takes the herb section in February. "I want to know my stuff," says Natalie. "I want to walk in and feel like I can do the exam in an hour and leave."

Natalie's advice to students preparing for the boards: "Don't procrastinate. Allow enough time to go through all the material on TCMtests.com," she says.

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